Large PS800

PS800 Probe System

The PS800 comprises the components to perform high accuracy microwave and package-level probing on a very large PCB at a very competitive price. This system can accommodate PCB sizes up to 20” in width with 24" Bridge plate and wider PCB with longer Bridge plate.


  • Completeness: Integrated hardware for high-precision wafer, microwave and PCB probing
  • Ease of Use: Easy maneuverability for probes and PCB under test
  • Flexibility: Stackable bridge accommodates large printed circuit boards
  • Low Cost: Fractional cost of competing solutions


PB100 Probe Bridge

PB100 Probe System

PacketMicro is offering an innovative, flexible and low-cost solution for engineers to probe printed circuit boards (PCB) large and small. By placing any of PacketMicro’s positioners (with magnet at the bottom) on top of the bridge, an engineer can reach any point of a PCB to get a firm and accurate measurement.


  • Material: Steel with chrome coating and magnets at bottom of each base block
  • Base block sizes: 3"x4"x1" and 3"x4"x2" (L, W, H)
  • Platen size: 24"x4"x1/4" or 30"x4"x1/4" (select one)
  • Weight: 13.2 Kg/29 lb (with 24" plate) and 14.1 Kg/31 lb (with 30" plate)


  • Built with stackable steel blocks and long plate (24" or 30") to accommodate large printed circuit boards
  • Can be moved around the test bench to suit the test environment
  • Flexibility in PCB size, orientation, board and component height
  • Low Cost: Fractional cost of competing solutions


PS800 Demonstrations

PS800 Demonstration

Large PCB probing with PS800

PS800 Demonstration

Large PCB probing with PS800 and VNA

About PacketMicro

PacketMicro, based in Silicon Valley, provides a wide range of gigahertz probes, probe positioners, bench-top probe stations, and digital microscopes. In addition, PacketMicro offers wireless modules and engineering services in Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee, and wireless sensor networks. PacketMicro customers include many Fortune 100 companies.

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