Flexible FP160

FP100 Flexible Positioner

The Flex Positioner is a 3D (XYZ) probe positioner plus a flexible, articulated arm that can be quickly positioned in a wide variety of configurations. The four arms connected through three joints are controlled by only one lock screw.


  • Arm length: 8 inches/ 200 mm
  • Number of joints: 3 (controlled by 1 locking screw)
  • Orientation: All directions
  • Probe Adapter: Metal bracket for probe up to 16 mm in diameter
  • XYZ-axis travel: 12 mm with 500 μm/turn (50 TPI)
  • Planarization θ control: ±7.5°
  • Width: 76 mm/3.0 in
  • Height: 90 mm/3.5 in
  • Base Length: 101 mm/4.0 in
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg/6 lbs 4 oz
  • Base: Steel with magnets at bottom
  • Availability: Now


  • Versatile probe positioner for hands-free measurement
  • Quick and stable positioning
  • Compatible with most scope probes
  • Good for circuit boards still in system rack
  • Works with stackable stainless steel blocks and probe bridge for various probing environment
  • Suitable for lengthy, unmanned testing and detection of hard-to-find glitches
  • View PacketMicro FP160 datasheet


FP160 Demonstrations

FP160 Flex Positioner demo video 

Stackable Flex Probing System demo video 

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