Flex Probe Station

The versatile probe station for PCBs in all sizes and orientations

Flex Probe Station allows simultaneous vertical and horizontal probing


Flex Probe Station is the most flexible benchtop station for probing with microprobes and PacketMicro’s D-Probes and S-Probes. It comprises TP250, FP160, and FP40 positioners, PB100 Bridges, PCB holders, and microscopes. A user can easily configure the Flex Probe Station for probing PCB’s in both vertical and horizontal orientations in minutes.

The above setup demonstrates the versatility of the Flex Probe Station that is used to probe a pair of differential traces starting from the BGA pads on a daughterboard in the vertical orientation; going through a large motherboard, a connector; and then connecting to the BGA pads on another daughterboard in horizontal orientation.

A 5 megapixel Dino-Lite AD7115MZTL microscope is mounted on a FP160 for the vertical-side probing, and an optical microscope is used for the horizontal-side probing. The FP160 makes focusing the microscope easy in all XYZ directions.

In the event that you need to probe large motherboard with daughterboard with challenging configuration, Flex Probe Station can save you time and money because there is no need to make or modify the custom probe station, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Key Benefits:

  • Completeness: Single test platform for RF, SI, and probing with microprobes and R Probes
  • Flexibility: Unlimited re-configurability for PCB’s in various sizes and orientations
  • Ease of Use: Quick setup and easy maneuverability with stackable components
  • Low Cost: Fractional cost of competing solutions


Products Used in Flex Probe Station

Precision Positioner TP250

TP250 is designed with the most precise components and built with highest quality; at the same time, it offers the most competitive price in the industry. The extra large 2” adjustment screw for y-axis ensures ease of control of microprobe and ruggedized RF probes.

TP250 Specifications

XYZ-axis travel: 16 mm with 500 µm/turn (50 TPI) and extra-large x- and y-axis

control screws

Height coarse adjustment: 5 mm/step (14 steps)

Resolution: 5 µm

Θ control: ±10° with 2.5°/turn and 0.025° resolution

Length: 228 mm/9 in

Width: 68 mm/2.7 in

Height: 108 mm/4.3 in

Weight: 1190 grams/2 lbs. 10 oz.

Base: Lockable magnetic switch

Probes Supported: Microprobe and PacketMicro D-Probe/S-Probe

Flexible Positioner FP160

An innovative probe positioner with articulated arm and an independent precision XYZ stage for quick, accurate and stable hands-free high-speed probing.

FP160 Specifications

XYZ-axis travel: 16 mm with 500 µm/turn (50 TPI)

Θ control: ±10° with 2.5°/turn

Length: 266 mm/10.5 in

Width: 76 mm/3.0 in

Height: 155 mm/6.1 in

Weight: 2702 grams/5 lb 15 oz

Base: Steel with magnets and rubber

TP150 Precision Positioner

TP150 is designed for PacketMicro’s RF Probes in horizontal probing orientation. It covers boards in a wide range of sizes and heights with the most competitive price in the industry.

TP150 Specifications

XYZ-axis travel: 16 mm with 500 µm/turn (50 TPI)

Θ control: ±10° with 2.5°/turn

Length: 266 mm/10.5 in

Width: 76 mm/3.0 in

Height: 155 mm/6.1 in

Weight: 2702 grams/5 lb 15 oz

Base: Steel with magnets and rubber

Height coarse adjustment: 4.8 mm/step

FP40 Flex Positioner

Articulated arm: 3 links and 3 joints controlled by a single thumb knob

Arm Length: 300 mm/12 in

Base: 65 mm L x 60 mm H x 70 mm W (2.5” L x 2.3” H x 2.8” W)

Weight: 1.3 kg/3.2 lb

Metal Base Plate: Anti-static rubber at bottom

Probe Bridge PB100

The stackable PB100 can be placed over a large PCB, with positioners and probes on the long steel plate, supports accurate probing on any part of the PCB. (Weight: 29 lbs.)

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

A digital microscope connects to a PC and displays the result on the PC monitor for easy viewing and accurate probing.

Long Working Distance Microscopes

AM7115MZTL: 5 MP, Polarizer, LWD, 10x~140x.

AM4113ZTL: 1.3 MP, Polarizer, LWD, 10x~90x.

AM4515ZTL: 1.3 MP, Polarizer, LWD, 10x~140x.

AM5216ZTL: 1024x768 resolution, 10x~90x. Connects to monitor directly through D-Sub interface. No PC is needed.

Products used in Flex Probe Station:

TP300 Precision Positioner

FP160 Flex Positioner

PB100 Probe Bridge

TP150 Precision Positioner

Digital Microscope

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