Flexible FP160

FP120 Flexible Positioner

Flex Positioner FP120 is a versatile positioner for holding a variety of test probes, especially the widely used oscilloscope probes. Using the articulated arm for coarse positioning first and then controlling the fine adjustments with the XYZ stage and θ control, one can make good test measurements with reliable probe contact.

FP120 Specifications

  • Articulated arm: 3 links and 3 joints controlled by a single thumb knob
  • Arm Length: 271 mm/10.7 in
  • XYZ-stage Adjustment: 15 mm (X,Y), 9 mm (Z)
  • Base with magnetic switch: 65 mm L x 60 mm H x 70 mm W (2.5” L x 2.3” H x 2.8” W)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg/3.6 lbs.
  • Base Plate Size: 120 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm (4.7” L x 3.5” H x 0.6” W)
  • Base Plate Weight: 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs.
  • Universal adapter opening: 4-16 mm
  • Part Number: FP120

FP120s side-by-side

FP120s side-by-side
For tight probing area, two FP120’s holding separate probes can be placed side-by-side.


  • Easy-to-manipulate arm controlled by a single thumbscrew
  • Independent XYZ stage for fine adjustments of probe position
  • Universal adapter with opening up to 16 mm
  • Long-reach arm (271 mm / 10.7”)
  • Base with on-off magnetic switch for metallic surface
  • Base plate with rubber bottom for nonmetallic surface
  • Multiple FP120 units can be attached to a single plate for multiple-arm applications
  • View FP120 Flex Positioner datasheet


Magnetic Switch at Base

The magnetic switch at the base can be turned on and off for the ease of moving the FP120.

Steel Base Plate

An additional steel base plate with anti-static rubber bottom allows FP120 to extend the long flexible arm in full length as it stands on a regular nonmetallic.

FP120 Precision Positioner Demonstrations

Two FP120’s facing each other.

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