RF PS600

PS600 RF Probe Station

RF Probing in a Box is perfect for accurate S-parameter measurements required in RF circuit board development. Consisting of two single-ended GHz S-Probes, two TP250 Precision Positioners, one TCS70 Calibration Substrate, one FP40 Flex Positioner, one AM4113ZTL Dino-Lite digital microscope, and four PH100 PCB holders, this probe station allows engineers to do the RF testing without the need of soldering coaxial cables to the circuit board under test.


  • Completeness: Probe station for RF/microwave PCB probing
  • Ease of Use: Easy maneuverability for probes and PCB in different orientation
  • Low Cost: Fractional cost of competing solutions
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Differential SI Probing in a Box

For customers performing signal integrity (SI) test with differential signals and traces, PacketMicro offers similar kit with single-ended S-Probes and Cal Substrate replaced by differential D-Probes. The Differential Probing kit is called PS600-D and priced with similar discount at $8000.

PS600 Demonstrations

RF Probing Demonstration

RF Fixture Probing with S-Probes and TP250s

RF Probing Demonstration

RF Antenna Probing with S-Probe and TP250

 RF Probing Demonstration 

RF Module Probing with S-Probes and TP250s

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